Zoom Meetings For Consultations

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As social distancing norms are still in effect, online interactions are here to stay. Fortunately, online conferencing tools like Zoom have made it incredibly convenient for businesses to connect with clients for consultations and service delivery. At Everstone Law Professional Corporation, I quickly adapted to the present state of client-business interactions and have managed to make them work successfully.

Zoom allows me to meet with coworkers, stakeholders, new and existing clients digitally so that we can all stay safe and still get work done. The online conferencing application allows my firm to offer Zoom or telephone consultations for persons charged with criminal offenses in light of stay-at-home orders in Ontario due to COVID-19. Besides this, I can even assist clients in generally understanding the procedures, their rights when faced with criminal charges and answering any general questions.

With the help of Zoom meetings, I’ve been able to offer consultations and answers to questions when most law offices were (and are) closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Setting a Zoom meeting with me is fairly simple. All clients need to do is call my office at  (905) 230-4529 and arrange an appointment with me.

Zoom consultations can cost approximately $100 plus HST for an hour. But as the lawyer, I have the discretion to waive the costs. I understand that legal cases can be tough on clients, and I want to reduce their worry as much as possible. Zoom meetings enable me to be there for my clients when they need me the most, and I am happy to help them with whatever doubts or misunderstandings they may have.

In addition to online consultations, I also conduct telephone and in-person meetings with clients who do not feel comfortable with digital interactions, lack access to digital devices to support online communication.

For a complete understanding of how the Zoom consultations and meetings work, reach out to Everstone Law Professional Corporation. I am a criminal defense lawyer in Mississauga, and I am familiar with the justice system and the ins and outs of litigating a case in Ontario. I am also an experienced Criminal Defence Attorney dedicated to assisting you in achieving timely, cost-effective, and the brightest of legal solutions to your case, no matter how complex.

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