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    Meaning of Everstone

    Everstone is a combination of two English words. Each word has its own separate meaning which are adjoined together to formulate the Law Firm’s legal philosophy.

    “Ever” is derived from the first part of the word “Everlasting” which represents my Law Firm’s long term dedication and commitment to advocating for clients legal rights while ensuring their equal access to justice.

    “Stone” is a derived from the word gemstone, a rock of high quality. To ensure my firm Everstone Law P.C everlasting goal to assisting clients attain equal access to justice, the result is achieved by proactively advancing creative legal solutions to my clients individual case with the utmost highest quality of legal representation, research, and lawyer-client relationship.

    Firm Logo

    The philosophy of my law firm of ensuring clients equal access to justice through means of high quality legal representation is portrayed by the gemstone logo.

    At Everstone Law Professional Corporation, I understand the legal process for many members of the public can be overwhelming, stressful, time consuming, and expensive. The gemstone is a symbolic representation to the community, that my office Everstone Law firm is always dedicated to assisting clients in achieving timely, cost effective, and the “brightest” of legal solutions to their case no matter how complex.

    Why Choose Everstone Law Professional Corporation?


      Hire a lawyer with years of experience as a litigator. The office is familiar with the justice system and the in and outs of litigating a case in Ontario. Have an experienced attorney on your side


      Hire a lawyer you can depend on. At the Everstone Law PC, the lawyer will have an in depth conversation about your case and suggest a straight forward litigation plan. The firm will make sure you have all the time you need to speak directly with an attorney and that you understand all of your options before making any decision.


      Hire a lawyer that will protect your interests and rights. Everstone Law will negotiate on your behalf, and litigate your case. The firm knows how to provide you with powerful advocacy and get results.