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At Everstone Law, I also offer legal services in the area of Estate Planning; and a multitude of diverse areas of assistance.

It is a basic human desire to wanting to reconnect with your loved ones in Canada whether it be with your family, spouse, friends, or relatives, while also having the opportunity to either travel to or reside in Canada to start a enriched life.

Equally important, is also the attention needed for diligent Succession Planning and ensuring proper legal instruments are in place to ensure security of your estate, and that actions are carried in accordance with your wishes in the event of a tragedy. If you already have legal instruments in place, it is prudent to revisit them periodically with a lawyer, as there could be changes in your life that warrant revisions. Some examples include: divorce; separation; remarriage; children out of wedlock; inheritance; accumulation of more assets.

At Everstone Law, I  realize the sensitivity of surrounding issues in various areas of the law, and understand that careful planning, attention, and prudent legal advice is necessary for clients. The Lawyer at Everstone Law P.C., is here to assist you in the areas of law that require careful consideration.


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