What is a Surety?

Author: Inderdeep Padda |

A surety is a person who voluntarily agrees to monitor the accused while he/she is released on bail under the supervision of the surety. The surety further commits to ensure that the accused abides by conditions while on bail. A surety can be a friend, family member, employer, or a person known to the accused.

Depending on the type of release plan proposed for the accused and the circumstances of the case, more than one person maybe a surety.

You will be asked questions in court to assess your qualifications as a surety.

It is important to consult with duty counsel or a Criminal Bail Lawyer if you are asked to be a surety to ensure you understand the responsibilities, rights, and consequences of being a surety. Contact an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer today at (905) 230-4529 and book your free consultation. Legal Aid Certificates are also accepted. Hire a Legal Aid Criminal Defence Lawyer in Mississauga today!