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    Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Criminal Law.

    • What is Disclosure?
    • What is Crown Pretrial?
    • What is a Judicial Pretrial?
    • What is a Bail Hearing?
    • What is a Surety?
    • What is a conviction?
    • How much are your legal fees in a criminal charge?
    • How long will the criminal case take if I have been charged?
    • I am a victim of an offence, what should I do?

    Disclosure is all the relevant evidence pertaining to your case that the crown prosecutor will be using to prove the elements of the offence and to prosecute you. It is your constitutional legal right to obtain a copy of the disclosure from the prosecutor in order to make a full answer and defence and to know the case against you. Depending on the allegations made against you, and the type of charge, the materials contained in the disclosure can vary. Materials provided in the disclosure may contain, if applicable: witness statements, victim statements, 911 recordings, synopsis of the allegations, video statements, video recordings, criminal record of accused (CPIC), occurrence reports, charge screening form, photographs, and any other related evidence. There may be additional disclosure which will probably need to be requested to the Crown Attorney Office, either by you or your criminal defence lawyer.

    This is a meeting with the crown prosecutor where issues revolving your case are discussed. Discussion can possibly revolve around any issues that may arise at trial, negotiations to resolve your charges, any reductions in sentencing; etc.

    This is a pre trial meeting between you or your criminal defence lawyer, the judge, and the crown prosecutor where further issues pertaining to your case are discussed, such as length of trial, any applications the defence, number of witnesses to be called, narrowing of the issues to be argued at trial, or resolving your case in a manner which is favourable to both parties. You or your criminal defence lawyer will need to have a crown pretrial before you can schedule a Judicial Pretrial.

    When you are arrested and taken into custody by the police, you can be released either released on an appearance notice, promise to appear, or recognizance/undertaking issued by the office in charge. If the police decide not to release you, then you are required to appear in bail court to have a bail hearing. The purpose of this bail hearing is to determine whether, or not, further detention is necessary pending the outcome of your criminal case.

    A surety is a person who voluntarily agrees to monitor the accused while he/she is released on bail under the supervision of the surety. The surety further commits to ensure that the accused abides by conditions while on bail. A surety can be a friend, family member, employer, or a person known to the accused.

    Depending on the type of release plan proposed for the accused and the circumstances of the case, more than one person maybe a surety.

    You will be asked questions in court to assess your qualifications as a surety.

    It is important to consult with duty counsel or a Criminal Bail Lawyer if you are asked to be a surety to ensure you understand the responsibilities, rights, and consequences of being a surety. Contact an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer today at (905) 230-4529 and book your free consultation. Legal Aid Certificates are also accepted. Hire a Legal Aid Criminal Defence Lawyer in Mississauga today!

    A sentence passed by the Judge to the accused regarding his/her criminal charge(s) whereby the accused receives a permanent criminal record.

    The legal fee that the criminal law firm charges varies on a case by case basis. Criminal Defence Lawyer charges a flat fee rate to ensure that all legal costs are affordable for clients. The firm is dedicated to defending your criminal charge(s) and in order to ensure cost effective services, Everstone Law accepts payment plans to cover the legal fee costs in installments.
    Legal Aid Certificates are also accepted. Hire a Legal Aid Criminal Defence Lawyer in Mississauga today!

    You have a constitutional right to be tried within a reasonable time with respect to your criminal matter and the Supreme court of Canada recently decided that the criminal matter is to be tried within 18 months, if the criminal case is in Ontario Court of Justice , and within 30 months if the case is in Superior Court of Justice- assuming no delays are attributable to institutions, or without the fault of the crown, or the accused.

    When your hire Criminal Lawyer Mississauga proactive measures will be taken to ensure your legal rights are preserved and to make every effort to expedite your proceedings with respect to your criminal case.

    If you are a victim of an offence you should try contacting the Victim Services of Peel or the appropriate jurisdiction to see if they can assist you with respect to your queries. There is also the Victim Assistance Program. For more information your can visit the Ministry of the Attorney General website at